2gees Price Comparison

What can businesses & buyers learn from price comparison sites?

Hello, I would like to get feedback on our website and our solution for price comparison mobile apps!

We are a small team of 5 and have been working in the price comparison & mobile app development field over the years.

Seeing, that consumers often can’t find a suitable app or other software to improve their shopping operations we have decided to support consumers to shop to benefit from having a price comparison mobile app.

Our solution can be used for:
Product catalogs
• Search, browse and compare products
• Search by product name, UPC, manufacturer’s part number
• Scan barcodes to find products from thousands of retailers
• Sort by Price, rating or popularity
Compare prices
• Watch out for hot products and spot trends
• Check out product details
• Find out who’s selling what
• Keep up to date on price
• Pay attention to user ratings and reviews
• Compare levels of service
• and much more…

Check out our website and download our app for free (no CC required )

2gees Price Comparison App

2gees Price Comparison UK

Try it and let us know what you think about it! Thank you